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Monday, July 23, 2012

//Tony the Tiger - Final with Process

Final Pencils

Final Inks


This is the first of what I hope to be a full on project that will eventually culminate into an arcade game.  

Pencils were taken into Photoshop, converted to cyan for inking.  I printed off that cyan copy, inked it, and then re-scanned the piece.  Once scanned, I clean up any stray pencil lines and brought it into Illustrator and further cleaned up using the Live Trace feature.  I did this to give a better, more organic feel to the inks as my inking tends to lose some of the organic-ness of the pencil drawing.  Then it was brought back into Photoshop for a traditional coloring.  While the subject matter usually has a cel-shaded coloring applied to it, I chose to go with a more "traditional" coloring style as it is the desired look for the overall project.

Any critiques are greatly encouraged!


  1. I am glad we got to see this finished. Good work sir!

  2. Tony the tiger is about to get in someones ass! o_0