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Friday, July 13, 2012

Zombies? Easy Like Sunday Morning...

It occurred to me, that as much as I love zombies, I had never done an Outdoorsman vs. Zombies drawing of any kind. So here it is. Hope you enjoy it...color to come soon, but I wanted to get this up on the blog.


PS...for those that don't know, I do a webcomic (soon to be digital download comic) called The Outdoorsman over at Feel free to check it out.

And sorry for the plug. :)


  1. I see a couple familiar faces in the horde :) This is fantastic Patrick! This is totally what I imagine he would do in a zombie invasion.

  2. Killer work man! I think I see some Resident Evil references XD

  3. Yep, and some TLZ in there a well. And one other with a heavy metal background. ;)

  4. Awesome concept! And really well drawn too! Oddly enough, I think my favorite parts are the gun and the beer cans. The beer cans are so good, I'm thirsty.

  5. Thanks guys. I was practicing/experimenting with some different inking techniques and tools here, too. Though the more I look at it, the less I like it. Oh well...we're our own worst critics, right?