This week features the topic pick of our 3rd Place Winner of the TLDB Scavenger Hunt, Adam Laarsen! Adam's pick: Lord of the Rings Villains.

Saturday, June 30, 2012


I'd never heard of the "Black and White Explosion", either. Maybe I was too young, or too far away from comic shops. So I thought '80s black and white. Most of my favorite work ever was from this era so it was a tough choice.
I chose Doug Allen's 'Steven' because it was always hilarious, surreal and fun to look at. Drawing it was tough, since he seemed to use no construction and I find it hard to draw without it. Didn't have much time, so here's a couple of sketchbook pages. I had to leave out Snap-E-Tom and some others because I ran out of time. I kept the drawings in his style, messed up arms, feet and all.

Tank girl?

I was racking my brain with this weeks challenge, trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I certainly am not very knowledgeable about topic unfortunately. I didn’t want to do a ninja turtle so I talked to Kevin Gentilcore and he gave me some ideas, but he mentioned Tank Girl and I got fixated on her. I don’t think she was a part of the b & w 80’s explosion, but when I have my mind made up there is no stopping me. I’ve never even read a Tank Girl comic so I’m sure this drawing is all wrong too, I just always liked the concept and the art that I saw. I got the line work done yesterday but I wanted to see it with the zip tones on it and did those today. I’m sure it’s not a correct choice, but the good news is that you can all blame Kevin! Still after seeing Scotts post I really want to look up some of these comics!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Those Annoying Post Brothers

I had a hard time settling on which characters to choose. I had a lot of favorites from the 80's: The Tick, Red Fox, Stig's Inferno, Eagle, Shuriken... but Those Annoying Post Brothers still stands above them. I actually discovered them by accident. I was in the hospital after having some surgery and my mother picked up my comics from New England Comics and Amazing Heroes was in there, and this particular issue had The Worlds of Matt Howarth as the cover story. I'd never heard of him, or any of his work, but reading his interview I was quickly sucked in. I mean, c'mon... Ron & Russ Post, two psychopaths with the ability to travel to any reality by simply thinking about it? And wait.. they hang out with C'Thulu (who wears a tie and smokes cigars). Ad C'thulu is part of an electronica band? Say what now?

Anyhoo... I've long said that my main artistic influences are George Perez, Akira Toriyama... and Matt Howarth. Honestly? I think my work actually favors Howarth more than anyone else.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I had the pleasure of meeting Stan Sakai at SDCC a few years back. He was a really great guy. Did a couple sketches for me, and I bought 3 different trades from him. Been hooked on Usagi Yojimbo ever since.

Stuck with the B&W on this one, since our theme is the "Black & White Explosion". Hope you enjoy my take. If you haven't read any Usagi Yojimbo...go fix that immediately. Thank me later.



Can anyone guess who this awesome Pokemon Master is?

Hint: He REALLY likes Bears...


Sunday, June 24, 2012


SHOE! I choose you!

Hopefully people will understand where this came from.


My original intent was to go with the theme I've been seeing rampant online--zombie Pokemon--but decided against it. I'm going to ink this and digitally paint it as well in the coming days. Hoping to do a W-I-P of it.

Andy's Pikachu

Oh, man-  I finally get one done for the blog!

So the only Pokemon stuff in the house is a brand-new McDonald's Happy Meal Toy of Pikachu.  Andy Jr. calls him the "Pokey Rabbit" which is hilarious and apt.  He also lives in the Batcave, apparently.  And he might be doing the Carlton dance.

Friday, June 22, 2012

"The Incredible Poke"

I couldn't get enough of this week's theme for some reason. So here's another one starring Squirtle / War Turtle as "The Incredible Poke". When mild mannered Squirtle is caught in the blast of a Yo Gamma Gamma / Mama Jama experiment he was transformed into the much MUCH more menacing War Turtle! LOL

Done with ink, liquid watercolor, marker and some digital tomfoolery by Robert Elrod.

My Late Alien Post

Better late than never, or in Prometheus' case, better never than never lol. With that said, I did enjoy the visuals of the movie especially the Space Jockey. Here is my take on one of the few decent parts of the movie.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pokemon Sketches

Just sketches this week, didn't get too creative, but there is a custom Pikachu in lower left - and I made up the Squid dude in the upper left.


I must admit that I never really watched the show. My kids did when they were younger. I never really got it. Maybe that's because I grew up with Johnny Quest and superheroes battling it out in their underwear. The whole cutesy Japanese cryptozoological beasts didn't click with me. That said, I really enjoyed doing this piece. I have to give thanks to Jeff Herndon for suggesting this mashup, whether it was inadvertently or not. :-)

"Pokelien!" ... ink, ink wash, liquid watercolor and markers on 11"x15" illustration board by Robert Elrod.

Now I kinda want to draw him looking into a poke ball while wearing his space suit. Haw!


Pokemon is a big part of my life. I've spent countless hours playing the games, collecting cards and watching the cartoons. Charmander was the first Pokemon I ever had, and is still my favorite. Gyarados is a close second though.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gotta catch em all!

Well I guess you’ve guessed I’m not all that big on Pokemon. This was all I could come up with for this weeks pick. After doing it I do kind of feel bad for the little guy. I just did the line art, and I might tone it later in the week and post it. I might be to busy though so we’ll see.

Anyhow it’s my birthday and I wanted to draw the Predator, so I did!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Who you callin’ bitch?

Colored pencil (white) on black (Strathmore Artagain) paper by Robert Elrod. Measures approximately 9"x9" or so.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Here's my contribution. This is the first piece I've done in about 2 months. It's purely digital--all done in Photoshop.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bug hunt!

Here's my Alien piece...did two color versions, and included the black and white version. Thinking I like the green best. What do you guys think?


Ripley - Believe it.

For Alien week, here's a sketch of Ripley lounging around in her underwear. Pencil and Photoshop. Hope you like it!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

That guy's name was Malakili?

Star Wars! So I kinda had a tough time deciding on my Star Wars entry (especially being my first one) because the original films were just rife with weirdos and great creature designs. I wanted to draw something bad! Something rockin' and full of amazing Star Wars amazing!

But I decided it'd be a lot more fun to draw the dingus Rancor owner who cries after his Rancor dies.  Apparently his name is Malakili and Wookiepedia has horrified me with the fact that the scantily clad fat guy had an origin involving more than caring for a Rancor. Such a tender heart.

Regardless... here you go, fat, weeping guy from Return of the Jedi!

Fun fact - he escaped after Jabba died to open his own restaurant in Mos Eisley!
Hey Fellas,Many thanks to Tom for picking Star Wars. As much as I love super heroes and many other fan boy things, Star Wars is my holy grail! It started an obsession with Harrison Ford that I'm not sure I should be all that comfortable with. Is there anybody cooler than Harrison in the 80's? I don't think so. I remember finding out that not only was he Han Solo, but he was also Indiana Jones. It was over for me then. Complete and total obsession. So here you go, a little Han and Chewy ditty. I've been scanning my finished drawings and giving them this Drewish color treatment. I'd like it to grow into something that looks a little less like Drew and a little more like me eventually, but I'm pretty happy with the results anyway. An art director at Spectrum told me that I obviously hate color so I'm trying to learn to love it. Awesome entries this week boys!

What a Wookiee!

Colored pencil drawing by Robert Elrod.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

More Bossk!

My first ever Timberline drawing! Star Wars is a pretty sweet place to start. Despite having drawn 100 Star Wars sketch cards for Topps back in the day (Sketch Cards!), this is the first time I've ever drawn Jar Jar. Or, at least, PART of Jar Jar. Probably the last time, too.

Anakin's lightsaber

Here is my piece for this weeks Star Wars entry. I have always been a big fan of Star Wars since childhood. When this pick came down I know I was ready to geek out on it! So yeah I guess I wanted to show Obi Wan just looking at Anakins light saber and contemplating about things. Even as a kid I thought to my self “so you’ve just been living on this desert planet for 20 years stewing over this shit?”. I always kind of assumed he was just Drinking his problems away for 20 years till Luke showed up.

Anyhow I can't wait to see most of you guys at the Denver Comic Con next weekend! 


Live from ACE iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's Bossk!

Coming at you from Albuquerque Comic Expo. I wanted to do a character I hadn't drawn before and landed on Bossk although Billy Dee Williams is here so I may draw some Lando this weekend.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Because my favorite thing in the world is Star Wars, I put in some work on this one. So you get Gammorean Guards. Because Gammorean Guards are awesome. Also, I will have to take the time for some color...I think this would make a cool convention print.

De wana wanga? De wana...wygo.


Star Wars Quick Sketch

Here's my favorite Star Wars character, Mr. Spock about to blast a Chewbacca with his tri-corder.

Edit:  Bonus Spock Redesigns

Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Until the Last Light"

Here's my "settings & environments" piece. It was done with ink, ink wash and liquid watercolor on 15"x11" illustration board. Hope you enjoy it!

All the best!