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Saturday, June 30, 2012


I'd never heard of the "Black and White Explosion", either. Maybe I was too young, or too far away from comic shops. So I thought '80s black and white. Most of my favorite work ever was from this era so it was a tough choice.
I chose Doug Allen's 'Steven' because it was always hilarious, surreal and fun to look at. Drawing it was tough, since he seemed to use no construction and I find it hard to draw without it. Didn't have much time, so here's a couple of sketchbook pages. I had to leave out Snap-E-Tom and some others because I ran out of time. I kept the drawings in his style, messed up arms, feet and all.


  1. I love how most of them look panicked lol. Great stuff here.

  2. Interesting character designs. Not familiar with "Steven" but may have to do some research now.

  3. Def check it out if you haven't. Most of the characters were panicked because Steven ran the strip, and he was a little psychopath who killed and tortured them. Funny shizz, man. The editors were actually two pipe smoking guys who were really in an insane asylum.

  4. Haven't read Steven in quite a while but remember it being fun. Nice job on these, bud!