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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Get off my lawn...

...or I'll sneak up behind you and stab you in the neck.
Here's some old Solid Snake; I always thought the cinematics for Guns of the Patriots were pretty amazing. The only Metal Gear game I actually liked playing, however, was the first one for the NES. That was awesome...but this sneaking up on dudes, stealth type game? Yawn. Not my bag.

Maybe I'll color gramps up later.



  1. Wait there is an old man Snake too? Awesome as always Patrick!

  2. Diggin' it, Patrick! I've never played the games but am enjoying your artwork!

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah, its like Metal Gear Solid 5 or 6...starring old balls Snake. The cinematics are cool, but i REALLY hate that sneaking around gameplay.

  4. Looking good mang!

    Yeah but when you get to the bosses then it's time for the real combat...come on you get to fight a giant robot!!!