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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cyborg Ninja

This is why I love Timberline. I probably would have never drawn this character, in fact I don't really know who this character is or much about Metal Gear in the first place. I did a wiki search and saw the words "Cyborg Ninja" and before I saw what he looked like I decided that was going to be the one.

I remember when the one for Playstation came out and the countless hours I spent watching my friends command a character to crawl on his stomach across the floor thinking, "this can't possibly be fun" lol. There was a part where he snuck around under a cardboard box like some Looney Toon episode. He is in the stronghold of some elite covert killing operation and nobody notices the shuffling box? Anywho, Cyborg Ninja!

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  1. Yeah man! All you need to know is that "Grey Fox" is the ultimate badass!

    Great work man! Foxhound up in this piece!!!!