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Monday, July 16, 2012

"Undead" commissioned sketch at SDCC

I had started another piece for this theme but ended up not yet finishing it. I was at San Diego Comic Con. So sue me. I did manage to do this commissioned sketch while in San Diego, however, so I'm posting it here for your amusement. It's inspired by a make up design from AMC's The Walking Dead television show. Hope you enjoy it!

"Undead" ... ink and ink wash by Robert Elrod.


  1. Your zombies always knock my socks off sir. How did you manage to do a commission at SDCC without being at a table lol?

    1. I had a fan / FB friend that I met at SDCC in 2009 contact me ahead of the show. He asked me to bring him one of my remaining limited edition "Obsolete" prints. He got #9 of 10 (of the "blue version") and he also asked me about doing a new sketch in his sketchbook. In 2009, I did a really quick / not so great Hellboy pencil sketch in that same book. I was hoping for redemption with this. Looking at it now, I could have done a bit more with it. It was late when I got to it and I was absolutely beat. He seemed happy.

      I would have been happy doing other commissioned sketches while there but was ultimately glad this was the only one I did. I was exhausted during a lot of the trip.

  2. Seriously, doing commissions without a table? Awesome dude! That whole open mouth area is hot.