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Saturday, December 8, 2012

M A C R O S S r o b o t e c h

Well I guess I’m going to be the anchor leg for this weeks entry. I’m a huge Macross fan so I just did sketch jams all week long to honor one of my favorite series. Robotech introduced me Macross and if people don’t know Robotech  actually comprised of 3 separate series that have nothing to do with each other in Japan. I included something from all three series, but my favorite of the three is Macross hands down. I’ve been wanting to do some fan art of Macross , as this is its 30th anniversary this year and this gave me a good excuse to final get some drawings for it done. I’ll probably color these up later, but for now I guess you guys get the line art.


All of these were done with ballpoint pen and HB pencil

Actually I did this one a few months back. I wanted to redesign the Hover Tank Mechs arm joints as it was the only thing that bothered me about it's original design. Still a classic! The Hover Tanks were in the second war in the Robotech saga (series is called Southern Cross in Japan). XD

This is Rook on a cyclone, which is from the third war in the Robotech saga (Known as Mospeada in Japan). I was a big fan of those cycle mecha and Rook as a character. 
Hikaru (a.k.a. Rick Hunter in Robotech) and his VF-1J Valkyrie in Battloid mode. This is the main mech in the Macross series. 
I wanted to do an action scene with a Valkyrie in Gerwalk mode so I really like how this one came out, although my favorite detail is the Excalibur destroid mech blowing away the Zentradi in the background. LOL
I had to get a little "Skull one" action with a Zentradi Battle Pod! 
And yeah a little fun with this one, as I thought about if I were a Valkyrie ace in the Macross universe and how I would rock out a custom paint job of my ill VF-IJ. D-Tron smaning em up son! Dayum! Dayum! DAAAAAAAAAAAYUM! XD