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Friday, December 21, 2012

Apocalyptic Greetings

Well... looks like we made it through another doomsday.  It never hurts to be prepared though.  This (until this morning) was my plan:

1. Wear a Chewbacca hoodie
2.  Capture a gorilla
3.  Ride it through the wastelands.

Simple I will admit but some times simple is the best.  We also have a large amount of pizza rolls so I was hoping those would be the new currency.

Anyways... it was originally a polar bear but I just was not going to set you guys up for a lifetime of jokes if I posted a picture of me riding a bear in a Chewy hoodie.


  1. I just imagine you and the gorilla getting in a fight after you're both drunk form the spoils of the liquor store you two raid.