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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Here's my contribution to this week's challenge (although I don't know how "Robotech" it may or may not be), and to the Kung-Fu Robot Challenge.  Rendered in ink and marker with photoshop color effects.


97 ft., 42.7 ton, Sally-13 Chassis, retrofitted to Mother-2000 and Grandma-9000 specs.

Weapons and defense systems:
  • “YIP” missle defense system
  • Flame-thrower
  • Retractable flail bludgeons

Weaknesses / vulnerabilities:
  • Old and rusty, made of replacement parts
  • Stabilization monopod added to left arm as temporary support device, which also can be used as a weapon.
  • Retractable bludgeons don't retract all the way anymore.
  • Slow

Grandma-9000 is a refurbished defense robot that has had numerous parts replaced over the years. The Grandma-9000 began it's life as a Sally-13 defense training vehicle, but was later retrofitted with detachable, multiple-user capabilities and became a Mother-2000. After the child units began to malfunction, some becoming co-dependent, and some becoming overly incompatible with the mother unit, the child units were repurposed to a military school. Unfortunately, the Mother-2000 didn't function well alone, and a companion “YIP” deployment system was added for stability and ranged defense


  1. Love the tits, Bwwhahahaha. You always are good at humor. Love the design.

    1. Thanks. You know what they say... play to your strengths ;)

  2. The color is fantastic on this. Great concept!

    1. Thanks. It's a little less impressive on the original, since it's all in greytones and yellow. I do like it better after applying a little photoshop magic to it. Thanks, Kevin!