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Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Triumphant Return to Timberline!, cricket...

Today's Blade Runner piece has seriously been the first drawing/painting I've done for myself in three weeks. I apologize for my long absence, just had too much stuff on my plate, much of which wasn't even art related. After three weeks though, it felt friggen fantastic to do something that was just fun and free. I started out today by sketching out Sean Young's character Rachael. As I brought the sketch to a finish, it occurred to me that it looked like an old Victorian portrait. I thought this was interesting since Blade Runner takes place in the future. But relationships like that interest the shit out of me so I went for it. Did a sketch of Deckard too, painted both in PS and used a stock image of a fancy frame I found online to finish them off. All told about 3 and half hours of work. It went fast, but it always does when you're enjoying yourself.


  1. First of all I love the drawings but I think the frames really add something special to these. I dunno but for some reason it really fits with the characters and the feel of the movie. Fantastic work sir glad to have you back.

    1. Thanks Kevin, I'm tempted to frame all digital pieces with fake frames now.

  2. Good to see you back you slacker! LOL
    Just kidding man, I know you were busy as hell with your show :D

    Friggen fantastic works man! Way to close this one out with an sick piece!

  3. Nice work on these, my man! Really diggin'