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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Missing Replicant...

I love the movie Bladerunner. I remember finding it on my dads Beta collection and watching it when I was 10yrs old and thinking to myself“ This was the best mover ever, why the hell have I not seen this yet?”. Probably not an appropriate movie for a 10 year old, but never the less it had a pretty big impact on my art and has left an echo that you can see in my work to this day. The female Replicants, Zhora and Priss were truly as Bryant (M. Emmet Walsh) put it the beauty and the beast.

So a couple of months ago my father was watching the movie and the scene where Bryant is explaining how many Replicants had escaped and come to earth, and he points out that there was a sixth Replicant that was mentioned but you never see in the film...I had never noticed this before!

I googled it and yeah apparently there was another female Replicant named Mary/Irmgard Batty who was in the original script and got cut due to Budget issues. But the scene had already been filmed and had been left alone with the mention of the 6th Replicant.

So this is my Nexus 6 version of the lost Replicant Mary.

If only you could see what I've seen with "your" eyes



  1. Now I gotta watch it again for the millionth time because I don't remember that. Freaking rad work man!

  2. Watched the director's cut last night for inspiration. Damn good movie. And damn good drawing, Don! I dig your sublte use of line. Well done.

  3. This is kind of turning me on...that's about the highest praise I can give to anything :-)

  4. Excellent and Bladerunner is the best.