This week features the topic pick of our 3rd Place Winner of the TLDB Scavenger Hunt, Adam Laarsen! Adam's pick: Lord of the Rings Villains.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rama On...

I was immediately excited by this weeks topic because I know next to nothing about Hindu or their gods minus what I have absorbed through pop culture so that probably means it is all wrong.  Homer Simpson is in fact not Ganesh because Ganesh is graceful and The Temple of Doom is probably less the delicate with its handling of it.

Mostly I wanted to do a blue god.  Well there are a lot of them and most of them have multiple arms so I settled on Rama here because well, he had a bow.  While am now not an expert in Hindu I learned a little so I guess that is something and I had a blast drawing Rama.


  1. Here's a Rama,
    There's a Rama,
    And another little Rama,
    Fuzzy Rama, Funny Rama
    Rama, Rama, Duck.

  2. Love how this came out! I think it would be cool to see you do a series of these in your style!