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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blue Flaming Death!

Man I forgot how much I love this guys!  My friend Matt got me this awesome 50th anniversary Mars Attacks book and it rekindled my love all over again.  The book has all the original series cards plus the re-releases plus original sketches (did you know Wally Wood did some of the concepts for the original cards?  I didn't) plus "censored" versions.  It truly is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it if'n you dig that sort of thing.

Anywho, I remember these cards so vividly from my childhood.  The image that stuck with me is one of the Martians incinerating some poor sap so I kind of put my spin on that:

And just because I am an uber nerd, I thought I would make it into an old style Mars Attacks card:

So yeah, Mars Attacks! 


  1. HOT DAMN! You've outdone yourself, sir. Glad ComicFest already agreed to mine, before they had a chance to see this! :)
    I see a print of this appearing at a convention in the near future...

  2. Love it, man! My preference is for the vintage version. Awesome!!!

  3. Came out beautiful man! Blue Flame, son!