This week features the topic pick of our 3rd Place Winner of the TLDB Scavenger Hunt, Adam Laarsen! Adam's pick: Lord of the Rings Villains.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


You knew this was coming, right?

If I get to draw a monster, I'll draw the Outdoorsman shooting it.


Raging Yeti

Awesome to see so many people coming out for this weeks topic.  I did a pissed off yeti in a snow storm.  Not much more to say about it lol.  This is the first drawing I have done with my awesome new Copic markers!  Really digging them.

Yeti Hunter

Firstly, I'm Jerianne. This is my first post to Timberline. I'm really excited to have such an excellent source of inspiration and critique. So thanks in advance to all of you for creating this community.

For this topic I decided to draw a yeti hunter. So not quite a yeti, more like a yeti skin. This is also the first digital painting I've ever completed.

 Thanks again!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Here is my Squatch roaming about all Abominable style in the snow...Like a Yeti...


Got a bit of inspiration for this one from John Byrne's design for Sasquatch for ALPHA FLIGHT.

Super Yeti-Ball

Here's a sketch with some very quick Photoshop tones.  It's the Super Yeti Ball in his jogging shorts ready to terrorize any animal insane enough to get in his way.


I hadn't done a digital painting in a bit so decided I'd put a very quick one together for this week's topic. Hope you enjoy it!

I had initially thought about putting a flying saucer up in the left corner above his head, as if to indicate that he's part of an alien invasion or that he'd crash landed in an attempt to escape pursuit. I may go back and add that later. For now, here's my "Sasquatch" digital painting.

You can check out more of my work at

All the best!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


At first I when I saw this weeks topic I thought about doing the Sasquatch from the Capcom game Darkstalkers. Then I thought about how popular Felicia was from that game and wondered what could have been if they had taken the same concept that they did with Felicia, but did it with the Sasquatch character. More that anything I just wanted to make a gross anime/furry character to creep out Kevin Gentilcore.

Thank you Jim for this weeks design, lots of fun.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Suddenly ... a future Man-Thing slips through the Nexus of Realities!

So painful to draw this way. So hilarious to use one of Rob Liefeld's awesome poses and try to ape his style (a bit) to create this ridiculous drawing. My Liefeld homage includes some of my favorite things by Rob ... shoulder pads, ridiculously-large guns, an eye patch, pouches, reflective shading on non-metallic surfaces and a spread eagle hero. Oh boy. Hope you enjoy it!


Ink on 12"x9" bristol by Robert Elrod. Yeah, I'm taking the blame for it! See what my artwork normally looks like at
this is how I think Liefield would draw Croc Master from GI Joe. this was a fave character of mine from the toy line in 1987. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Liefeld Catwoman

I had a hard time with this. My brain kept trying to correct everything I was doing and it turned into some kind of mixture, not quite as Liefeld as I was going for originally, but enough that you get the gist.

Deadpool:After Rob Liefeld

Just in the nick of time. This is my first post to the Timberline Draw Blog and it is also my first concerted attempt at a finished digital piece. I am very happy with the outcome and I am seriously amped to keep going with this type of media. Thank you all.    -C.P.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Angry Faerie Liefelded

Angry Faerie in a Liefeld kind of style.  Non-existent waist.  Tiny hands.  One hand hidden by an impractical gun.  Lots of lines on the face with gritted teeth. Belt pouches a must, naturally.  And of course.. no feet!


I'm not really sure if this is the Flood or not. I've only ever played Halo multiplayer before.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Can't Do It...

I was fully prepared to do a Rob Liefeld styled piece tonight when I sat down to draw this weeks topic.  I even started one.  I was going to create my own Liefeld character, chock full of pouches, shoulder pads, guns, swords and cross hatching.  While I was looking through pictures of his and drawing the piece I got to thinking about Rob and his place in comics.  I started collecting comics a little before the great Marvel exodus to start Image and among the comics I read was X-Force, drawn by none other then Mr. Liefeld.  When Image started, you bet Youngblood was on my shopping list.  I loved all that image stuff and bought it all including the Liefeld Extreme stuff.  Youngblood, Brigade, Blood Strike, Prophet (more on him later) and the rest.  In hindsight, sure that stuff was bad.  The writing was bad, the art was bad but Liefeld was a product of his time and most of the mainstream stuff fell into that hyper detailed, cross-hatchy kind of style because the demand was there for it.  While I am not a fan of his today, I sure was as a kid and I would have to say those comics were crucial to my comics experience as a kid.

Then I started thinking about what it must be like to be Rob Liefeld.  He isn't oblivious to what people say about his art and either he is just so ego maniacal he thinks we are all crazy or he just doesn't let it get to him.  Following him on Twitter gave me a little more insight into Rob.  I am not going to defend his recent statements about the comic industry and other professionals but that dude, at least via Twitter, has an unabashed love of comic books.  He goes on about them and it is clear the dude really loves comics.  So if Rob is anything it is a geeky fan who got lucky in an industry he loves.  We should all be so lucky.

Rob made comics on his own terms, helped jump start the independent creator movement and is (until recently) still working in comics despite his art style and I think that says something and I couldn't bring myself to mock him.  Sorry guys :)

One of my favorite comics out right now is the new Prophet series based on the Liefeld character from the 90's.  It has got to be one of the best Sci-Fi stories I have ever read and if you like weird, french/Mobius style Sci-Fi you should check it out.  I decided to do a drawing of one of the Prophets from that series.

And just for reference here is the Liefeld drawing I started:

Friday, November 16, 2012

M A S T E R c h e f

Yes I meant to say “Chef” instead of Chief. I thought it was funny! XD

Anyhow I’m not too familiar with Halo as I’ve never played any of the games extensively. I guess this is the armor from Halo 4 that I referenced.

I did the sketch in ballpoint pen and HB pencil on Bristol board and then threw a little digital color on it for fun.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halo 4 Screaming Skull Thing?

I played the hell out of the 1st or 2nd Halo game.  Then video games kind of took one for the team so I could get stuff done.  I love video games but I am a man who knows his weaknesses and if I start playing those things, I will accomplish nothing.  

I saw the commercial for Halo 4 and thought that thing with the screaming skull face was pretty rad.  I am guessing on the construction of the armor here because I could not tell what was going on in any of the pictures of it lol.  So I give you... Halo 4's skull guy! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My favorite enemy from the Halo series...the Flood. A parasitic organism bent on infecting all life. Creepy as hell. I was excited to play Halo 4, but then I got the Red Ring of Death on my Xbox. And this Xbox was a replacement from the same thing. I guess I still have the memories of Halo past...sigh.

Here's my Halo...

My Little Halo

I did this in inkwash and brushpen along with some photoshop color overlays.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gentilcore/Elrod Valiant Mash Up

I remember reading the Valiant Comics as a kids but I haven't tried the new ones yet.  When I was looking at the website I noticed that the comics I was most fond of from Valiant (Solar, Turok and Magnus) were not included.  I was kind of bummed they weren't included in this new relaunch.  While talking to Robert Elrod about what we were going to do for this week he mentioned how he wished the Gold Key characters were included and we both kind of decided to do one of those lol.  This Saturday we were both at the Toy Con in the Springs and when I told Robert I was going to do Solar he said we should do a mash up and I thought it sounded awesome.  So I give you our Valiant Comics (90's) mashup!

Late post: Pris

Okay, I apologize for being such a bad member, but I didn't want to do a Valiant character, and I joined AFTER you guys did Blade Runner, so here's my late contribution to that.  I may have another version of this illustration, since I plan to light box it and play around with ink washes to see how I want to approach my graphic novel project.

Done at the Dark Goddess Festival when I wasn't getting commissions.  Marker and Prismacolor art stix.

Update: here's my ink wash test:

I used this as my approach to my Halo illustration, which is coming shortly.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I gotta admit that I didn't know much about this weeks pick of Valiant comics, so google was my friend on this one. I picked ARMORINES because it had mechs, so I figured I could run with that. Actually looking at the comic kind of reminded me a little of Katsuhiro Otomos short story Fairwell to Weapons.

I finished this all from drawing, to ink, to tones today so I'm pleased. Now I get to relax. Still have to catch up on Toms' pick so don't think I forgot! XD


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I bring you Ninjak, XO Manowar, and Bloodshot. I suggested the Valiant topic because I was going to  get a piece ready for  the New Orleans Con in three weeks anyway, but I did just start this after suggesting it on Sunday... I work fast sometimes. I will be adding the back ground a bit, but not for posting.  Cheers!

My first timberline post--yayyyyyyyy--finally--anime Black Alpha

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I don't have anything creator owned out there, so I chose to do She-Hulk for my brother-in-law's wife in anime style (I hope she doesn't mind).

m c C H R I S

I didn't have much time this week to work on anything as I was getting ready for a show, but I still wanted to post something this week. I'm a huge MC Chris fan and I did this sketch a couple of years and it was inspired by a hidden track entitled Race Wars on the MC Chris goes to hell album. It was a skit that was kind of Mad Max inspired so I thought it would be fun to give the image an anime theme. Anyhow I hope we get some more last min entries this week, it's been kind of thin the last couple of weeks.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Anime TLZ

I used to be a pretty big anime and manga fan back in middle school and high school.  I think there are just barely elements of it left over in my style today.  So I looked all over the internet, including Deviant Art (which is pay-dirt for manga/anime) and I discovered something called Chibi.  Well I had seen it before but I didn't know it had a name.  Super cutesy, big headed anime style characters so that is what I went with.  Oh, that is Fausto and Ruthanne from my webcomic Teenage Love Zombies.