This week features the topic pick of our 3rd Place Winner of the TLDB Scavenger Hunt, Adam Laarsen! Adam's pick: Lord of the Rings Villains.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Suddenly ... a future Man-Thing slips through the Nexus of Realities!

So painful to draw this way. So hilarious to use one of Rob Liefeld's awesome poses and try to ape his style (a bit) to create this ridiculous drawing. My Liefeld homage includes some of my favorite things by Rob ... shoulder pads, ridiculously-large guns, an eye patch, pouches, reflective shading on non-metallic surfaces and a spread eagle hero. Oh boy. Hope you enjoy it!


Ink on 12"x9" bristol by Robert Elrod. Yeah, I'm taking the blame for it! See what my artwork normally looks like at