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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gentilcore/Elrod Valiant Mash Up

I remember reading the Valiant Comics as a kids but I haven't tried the new ones yet.  When I was looking at the website I noticed that the comics I was most fond of from Valiant (Solar, Turok and Magnus) were not included.  I was kind of bummed they weren't included in this new relaunch.  While talking to Robert Elrod about what we were going to do for this week he mentioned how he wished the Gold Key characters were included and we both kind of decided to do one of those lol.  This Saturday we were both at the Toy Con in the Springs and when I told Robert I was going to do Solar he said we should do a mash up and I thought it sounded awesome.  So I give you our Valiant Comics (90's) mashup!

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