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Friday, May 11, 2012


Well, since I fell behind a little bit I decided to combine the last two themes - Mechanic Hottie and The Avengers. As you can see, Miss Potts is quite handy...

The drawing is quick and not terribly well executed, but I thought the idea was kind of funny and suited Tony Stark very well. Frankly, it suits where my frame of mind is most of the time as well. :P

BTW, I have seen The Avengers twice now (as I'm sure a lot of have or will). Best super hero movie to date. For me that says a lot because as far as super heros go, Superman has always been my favorite...



  1. I love the concept of this. See this is why this blog is so cool. Would this drawing exist without it? I dunno...

  2. She's just handy. She looks kinda busty too. ;-)

    Nice job, Jim! I agree with you completely about The Avengers being the best superhero movie to date and the original Superman was my favorite for the longest time (at least until Marvel started getting it right with Iron Man).

    1. I definitly enjoyed it. Next stop Dark Knight rises. Gotta admit I am not as excited about that as I was for the Avengers.

  3. Nice Jim! I like where your mind is for this one. But seriously, The Avengers is better than the original Superman!? I still haven't seen it, but that is about the highest praise anyone can give a super hero movie.

  4. I love this Jim! I also love the loosness of it. Some art just looks better loose and I think this is one of those times.