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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Leyendecker inspired Thor

Hey fellas, I had high hopes for this one. I got the Leyendecker itch again. I have this thing where I think it would be cool to see super heroes rendered the way a golden age illustrators would. When I found out the theme was The Avengers, I thought Thor might be a fun one to do. The bonus to doing Thor was I could make him look like a bad ass viking too...something else I've been wanting to draw lately. So here's my Leyendecker/Viking inspired Thor. I have every intention of trying to paint this in the Leyender style when I get my life back from Sprectrum Live. Oh yeah, don't know if you all noticed or not, but I threw in a dash of Gentilcore and Campbell for good measure on the portrait.


  1. Beautiful render! Are you saying you morphed Gentilcore and myself into the face? Ugh, that should be one ugly Thor. I'm afraid to ask which aspects you got from me.

  2. Awesome work, Jeff! I see the resemblances. Nice!

  3. Matt Gentil....Thor? LOL

    Great render as usual Jeff :)

  4. I see it. It is the beard. Awesome awesome work sir.

  5. Also I have been itching to draw some vikings too...

  6. Thanks fellas! Yeah, don't know exactly who's what I used for that face. I think I was going for Matt's dimples and eyes, but somehow found a little kevin in the core...the gentil core. I'm done now.

    But hey, I can totally see you guys devolving into ancient warriors. It must be the rockin facial hair you guys have.