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Sunday, January 6, 2013

timber dump

I figure I should take Campbell's advice and take my "bow out" with this entry. I usually have a ton of stuff to do and should really set my focus on putting out my books, and the mountain of other stuff i always have on my plate as well. Not that I don't love my love my Timberline distractions but do have other responsibilities in the art department. The way I see it if i bow out than maybe someone who has more time or takes it more "seriously" can fill my spot, considering the new "membership cap" or whatever the deal is. Its a shame i came to this revelation about my poor time management skills after i just learned how to resize my pictures (thanks R.E.)

Maybe when the my life chills out i can pop back in and drop some knowledge on you fools.

in order top to bottom.

Failed self portrait Copic markers.

Sasquach pen and paper

Blade Runner, pencils

Lori Strode Pin UP Copic pen and markers

He-Man Trap Jaw Copic Pen and markers

Danny Trejo (sp) pen and paper

Lone Wolf and Cub copic grays and paper


  1. These pieces are killer! Why haven't you been posting them? I'm confused.

  2. Dude, definitely dig the Trap Jaw, Trejo and LW drawings. I'm glad you got them posted up. When you're ready to come back, your spot is reserved sir.

  3. That Trejo is so rad. Hate to see you go sir.

  4. This is a crap move Mr. Andrew. you will be missed. Do what you got to do. I uderstand. :'(

  5. These are some great pieces Andrew! I almost shed a tear reading your post and I know the rest of guys are sitting in corners all teary eyed :-)