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Friday, January 4, 2013

Horn Job

Here's a little Spidey Vs Rhino action. I will forever remember Spidey from back in the Mark Bagley days. You know, back when he was a hero, and they didn't kill him off and then molest the very idea of our web slinging hero. Yeah, back when kids or adults could read the same comic and enjoy it. Anyhoo...enjoy.



  1. So glad you brought the Rhino. The Bagely Spider-Man is the one I think of when I think of Spider-Man.

  2. You kids are making me feel old. Bagley Spider-Man. WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE, WE READ RON FRENZ SPIDER-MAN AND LIKED IT.

    Did you know Bagley got his start by winning the Marvel Try-Out Book contest?

  3. This reminds me of conan the destroyer, when he rips the horn off the demon god character at the end. Also very well drawn. I love your spider-man.

  4. hahaha Ron Frenz! I'll always be a Weiringo Spidey fan myself. Man, Mike knew how to do it!

    I almost did a Rhino myself (Tangled Web style) but then that Spot called... glad someone got a good Rhino in!

  5. The Bagely Amazing Spider-Man stuff was great. All the symbiot stuff and the weird teams. I think there was one with Spider-Man, Punisher, Moon Knight, Nova and Thrasher. Yeah remember Thrasher?

  6. I love how Rhino looks more annoyed than concerned, and how Spidey's foot is pressing into his trapezius. Looks like he's *really* pulling hard!