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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Demon...

Gentlemen!  I cannot believe I am the first to post for such an awesome topic lol!

Recently I did some sketch cards for the New DC 52.  It was awesome working on the set but I wish I could have drawn them in their classic costumes as well as the new 52 ones.  The one character I wished that the most for was Etrigan The Demon.  What a great character and full on Kirby!  It was a while into my comic collecting and nerd training before I learned that Kirby creator not just for Marvel but for DC as well.  There is still tons of his DC work I haven't read yet but The Demon is one of my favorites.  


  1. Badass choice! It turned out awesome.

    I'm workin' on mine, can't post it until my dad gets home and scans it for me.

  2. You did a great job, homie. Feel the crackle!

    I think I'm going to just scan in the Darkseid from my sketchbook, and hit it with some color for this job this week prevented pretty much any drawing. :(