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Thursday, October 11, 2012

G O L D E N E Y E r e d u x

I’m not really a big Bond fan. I remember I had to take my younger brother to Goldeneye when it came out because he was really into those movies. The only Bond I knew was the Timothy Dalton  and the movies in the 80’s so I wasn’t really blown away by those. So this was the reboot or whatever and I wasn’t expecting much, but I did really like Goldeneye. So I was kind of excited that they were going to do new movies, but then the next one stunk so I figured it was all down hill from there. Anyhow I just did a little Goldeneye sketch jam, as a sort of revision or reboot.


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  1. The best thing about Golden Eye was the game that followed. Man we spent so much time playing that damn game. It formed friendships and smashed them apart. Epic. Love the color on this piece man. I knew you were going to "Austin" this one up.