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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Orc Orc Orc...

Apparently I didn't really know much about orcs.  For instance, according to Patrick, there are different levels of sissy for orcs and in Lord of the Rings there are tons of them but they all look different and in World of Warcraft they have giant hammers and oh wow I had no idea orcs had such rich representation.

Now knowing all this, I had a blast this week drawing some orcs.  Here is the one I came up with.  I just sort of cobbled together different elements of orcs I liked.

However, I couldn't let orc week go by without paying tribute to one of my favorite comics from the past couple years, Orc Stain.  James Stokoe is an amazing illustrator and his Orc Stain is some kind of crazy which I think is something we need in comics every now and then.  It is completely different than anything I have ever seen before.  This looker here is the mighty Tzar of Orcs.  He has the largest Gronch collection of slain orcs (Orc penis, for those not in the know).  

I am not sure what happened to this series but all of Stokoe's work is amazing.  His Sullivan Sluggers and current run on Godzilla were a heck of a lot of fun.  If you are into weird fantasy and orc junk definitely check out Orc Stain.

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