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Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Bats

My all time favorite incarnation of Batman hands down was the 90's animated series. I think that show perfectly balanced all the elements of Batman without going to far into the dark and grim Batman or to far into the Adam West kind of goofiness of Batman (which I also love). It kept the sensibility of the comics while making it a bit darker but keeping Batman firmly rooted as a hero. That is my Batman. I love the silly outrageousness of that character in his world. I like seeing Jokers ridiculous schemes or the batwing resembling a bat. Part of the reason I love Batman is because he is so flexible as a character that he can be utilized in so many different ways and I do enjoy some of the darker takes on him but in the end he is a super hero and I think some of the super has been missing from him recently.

My Batman isn't really based on a particular artist more like the way I think of him. There are certain characters that when I think of them I see a particular artists take on them IE Spider-Man is Mark Bagely or Todd McFarlane, Wolverine is Frank Miller and Ghost Rider is Mark Teixeira but Batman I just see a look and have a feeling of what I think he is and I tried to capture that the best I could here.


  1. A damn good Batman, indeed. I too loved that animated series. And as usual, your pinup is great. Or should I say, bat-tastic?

  2. Great Batman my friend!

    Well they did the dark so maybe it will go back to its roots when they eventually reboot it XD